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I am passionate about helping people improving their health and well-being and I like to connect to individuals to learn and understand better their interests and pain points so I can tailor my content and offers to really meet people exactly where they are.


​What's this about?

I will ask you questions about your challenges relating to your health and well-being for content creation purposes. In return, you are welcome to ask me any questions related to Ayurveda.


IMPORTANT: I will not provide any personal recommendations that would require proper assessment and diagnosis.


No pitches or sales during this session.

If you are interested in my services, this is a good opportunity to determine if we are a good fit but I will not mention anything about my offerings during the call.


How does it work?

We will meet online for 20 minutes.

10 minutes will be dedicated to the content exploration interview and 10 minutes for free guidance session.

I only offer 5 of these per month

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