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Way of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing that can be traced back 5000 years to the ancient Indian subcontinent. It has a holistic and comprehensive approach to human life and nature and offers protocols for health at all levels.

Yoga has been expanding throughout the western world, and is now established as a system for well being. Depending from where the knowledge arrived to our lap, its connection to tradition has either been sacredly kept or disregarded, but regardless is has and continues to touch and help millions of people worldwide. Ayurveda, usually referred as the sister science of Yoga has been following the same footsteps. They both arise from the same body of knowledge, culture and tradition and in more than once instance they are indeed complementary.

The world has been changing over course of our evolution as a species, to the point that it seems now unsustainable for human life in the long run, if drastic measures are not put in place. But when we look closer, there is something that has barely changed. The principles of nature and human body have remained the same for the last few hundred thousand years. This is where Ayurveda lives, in the understanding of the principles of nature, of human physiology and psychology and how they all interact.

Some people tend to dismiss Ayurveda. They deem it as a subjective science because it stands on concepts that don’t fit the eyes of modern science, but people who have benefited from this ancient science would definitely say otherwise. Just because Ayurveda established a different language to describe and navigate what we call the physical world doesn’t mean the approach is incorrect.

Ayurveda is a complete and practical medical system, interconnected and layered with multiple other sciences of the great Vedic knowledge.

Yes, you can strip all the spiritual and traditional of knowledge away from Ayurveda and still make it work as a medical science (given that you understand the background and principles). On the other hand, you lose the huge possibility that Ayurveda can actually offer, into understanding yourself and the world around on a much deeper level. True healing can only happen if it the body, mind and self are all walking in the same direction.

Way of Ayurveda is dedicated to you, whether you just want some tips and tricks to take care of your well being or you want to dive a little deeper into an ancient system of knowledge.

I will be sharing what I have been learning about Ayurveda and hopefully point you in the right direction for you to be able to explore this ancient science on your own!



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