🍀 you have been trying different approaches to feel better but you nothing has really worked...

🍀 you’re interested in holistic health and want to implement the knowledge of Ayurveda in a practical and objective way...

🍀 you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and take conscious responsibility for your health and those around you...

🍀 you want to learn more about yourself and how you can interact with the world in a more sustainable way...

then WAY 2 WELLNESS is for you

What is it  ?

The Way 2 Wellness is not a quick fix promise. 


It’s a hands-on program to help you understand the mechanics of health and well-being according to Ayurveda so that you can establish a foundation of wellness. In turn, this foundation can sprout tremendous changes to your life.

This is a 12 week program that is designed to up level different areas of your well-being.


It will cover areas of nutrition, lifestyle, mental health and self knowledge. These are the foundations of health and they are often overlooked and ussually not integrated in an holistic way....

So, what's the program all about?

Program Modules







The program is divided in 6 modules, each dedicated to a different aspect of well-being.


Each module consists of a recorded video and a live Q&A and they will alternate from week to week.

As it is a hands on program there will be tasks, challenges and exercises for you to do.


I know for a fact that a big part of people who enrol in online courses don't actually conclude them so I try not overload it but you will have to dedicate some time to it if you want to actually have results.

What benefits will have?

👉 Understand your body

👉 Basics of Digestion

👉 Symptoms of Imbalances

👉 5 Principles of Eating

👉 Kitchen Apothecary

👉 Tips and Tricks

What will I get if I join Way 2 Wellness

🍀 9 hours of content

🍀 6 Live Sessions (Bi-weekly) 1 hour each

🍀 6 Recorded Sessions (Bi-weekly) 30 minutes each

🍀 Guidance and email support throughout the program.

🍀 Handouts, exercises, recipes, meditations, suggested reading,  to assist in the integration of the material into your daily life 

🍀 A private Facebook community / Telegram Group where you can interact, ask questions, support and be supported.

🍀 BONUS: Session on Emotions & Mental Health with Hera Baboudjian

a little about me


Hello, my name is Ricardo and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner.


Many people start by saying that they have suffered many years of a specific ailment and after trying everything without result they discovered Ayurveda and got their health and life back on track. Fortunately that's not my story... But Ayurveda did change my life.

As an 80's kid growing up in Portugal and later having worked many years in the audiovisual industry, I can guarantee you that I didn't really have a healthy lifestyle.

It was only when I moved to Canada and I got into Yoga that perspectives started changing for me.

One thing led to another and I was introduced to Ayurveda... it has been a love affair since then.

In the course of my studies, it finally dawned on me the extent of responsibility we have for our own health and for the well-being of those around us.


I realized how little we know about the works, dynamics of our body and mind and how these interact with our environment. I also realized that with some basic knowledge, we can actually start taking health in our own hands.

I have studied with different teachers in the US, India and Europe. And although I have my Ayurvedic Practice, I still consider myself a student of Ayurveda.

In this program, I'm condensing all the learning that I've had in almost a decade, in an approachable and practical package, so that you can start changing your wellness right away.